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Services and Panels

Whether you are looking for a simple safety check, or a complete upgrade, let the professionals at Ragsdale Electric LLC help you out. We complete all repairs and replacements of service equipment.


​LED Retrofit

Let us help increase the efficiency of your home.  LED lights come in a wide range of selection.  Let our experienced servicemen help make sure your lights not only match, but are the correct bulb for each application.




Tackling a large renovation can be stressful.  Having the right contractor can make all the difference.  We are committed to delivering not only a quality product that works, but a product that fits each persons specific needs.

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen remodels are crucial parts to home renovation.  It is a critical point to make sure you aren't left desiring anything.  From making sure all of your possible future needs are met to under cabinet lighting, let Ragsdale Electric LLC help guid the way.


Landscape Lights

Landscape lighting helps set the mood for your outdoor recreational areas.  With many different options to choose from, we are sure we can help find the right fit for you and your family.




​Lighting Renovations

Have a dark room? Need to recirculate more air? Ragsdale Electric LLC specializes in bringing your space up to current styles or personal demands.





Troubleshooting electrical issues can be tedious, and dangerous.  Don't take the chance of causing a larger problem.  We take pride in being able to efficiently and effectively able to trace down problems and fix them.



Repair/replace/install Electrical Fixtures​

We provide fixture replacement for a variety of lights.  With our skills and expertise we can replace basic light fixture, all the way up to entry chandeliers of any height.


Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Buy a new electric car? Need a charging upgrade?  Upgrading your charging outlet to a 240V outlet can significantly increase your vehicles miles per hour of charge.  

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